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Activity on foot

Interpretation Center, Tijeretas and Playa Carola (Ideal circuit for a whole day)

Activity by Taxi

Turtle Breeding Center, Laguna el Junco and Puerto Chino Beach

Activity by boat

Sleeping lion and beach: Sleeping Lion or Kicker Rock is an underwater lava formation.

Activity on foot

Learn about natural and human history in the Interpretation Center. At the end of the museum you will find a self-guided path to visit the Cerro Tijeretas, the first site where Naturalist Scientist Charles Darwin landed in all of the Galapagos. Being ideal for snorkeling where a variety of marine life will be observed and you will enjoy magnificent viewpoints. The trail ends in "Playa Carola”, ideal for surfing, where you can see sea lions resting on the sand, iguanas on the rocks and sea turtles near the coast.  


Los Marinos Beach: In this area you can see the confluence of 3 interesting species, the blue footed boobies perch on the rocks and catch fish with their peculiar landing in the water, the marine iguanas have a special nesting area and the sea lions rest on the sand after a hard day. 


La Lobería Beach It is one of the best places for snorkeling, since you can appreciate an infinity of marine life, including green turtles. In addition, it is ideal for surfing and watching marine iguanas resting on the rocks. In this area you can see birds such as the yellow warbler, frigate birds, and various species of finches.

Activity by Taxi

Turtle Breeding Center, Laguna el Junco and Puerto Chino Beach: Taxi drivers from San Cristóbal Island do this tour. The visitors must follow the recommendations of the park rangers to generate a less impact on nature. During the tour we visit the Breeding Center where we find the giant tortoises of San Cristóbal Island (Chelonoidis chathamensis) that live in a semi-natural state. Then, we can visit the "Laguna El Junco", located about 700 m above sea level. It is one of the few permanent freshwater sources in the Galapagos.Finally, we rest on the sand and enjoy swimming in Puerto Chino Beach

Activity by boat

Sleeping lion and beachLeón Dormido or Kicker Rock is an underwater lava formation. Around this formation you have the opportunity to snorkel with hammerhead sharks and a variety of marine life. On the surface you can see seabirds such as Nazca and blue-footed boobies. Finally, you will visit a beach to snorkel and relax on the sand (Manglecito or Puerto Grande).


Española Island: Ideal for observing Albatross, Galápagos Hawks, Blue-footed Boobies, Nazca Boobies, iguanas, lizards and mockingbirds, unique to Española Island. Includes snorkeling activities and walks to observe wildlife. 


Tour 360º: It is a boat tour and consists of going around San Cristóbal Island, visiting 5 spectacular sites: León Dormido, Cerro Brujo, Sardina bay, Punta Pitt and Rosa Blanca bay. Places where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and meet a variety of marine life. 

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